The Rip Van Wrinkler, Volume XVIII, Issue 1, February 2014

©2013 Natalie Culver, "First thing she desired once mobile were dog leashes (with pups attached best).
Hannah cries when the dogs (& leashes & daddy) go out for walk without her.


.......Noteable Quotables

Brags, Sunshine, Officers & Editors

In Memoriam

Contest Winners (Dinner Time)

New Contest, I-DA-NO, Links to 2 interesting NEW papers

Basenji saved by two boys in 1967 + Santa Paws Gift Exchange photos

The School in Epi ~ children's drawings

Between Rocks & a Hard Place

S N O W 1

S N O W 2

Training Conversation: Scout Back Packing, Nosework, Draft dog

New Versatility Program

Top Racing Basenjis for 2013

Top Lure Coursing Basenjis for 2013

Top Agility Basenjis for 2013

Top Breed Basenjis for 2013


Stuff Stuff Stuff, report by Kirsten Sigrist

Calendar ~ As The Tail Turns

Happy Valentine's Day "
Heart Tails" by S K-M

Kamen Marsicano, Ashbey, Mattuchio, Hotaling,
Stewart, Cook, Marshall, Usenko, Phillips, Reed,
Garvey, Mount, Frosch, MacMillan, Amiccuci, Grewe,
Therian, Dering, Allen, Pompen, Pick, Culver,
Voss, Fuller, Brown, Miller, Föllscher, Callahan
Sigrist, Surfman, Pompen, Svensson, Thiercy,
Zulu, Fitzsimmons, Stotka, Brooks, Hess,
Hocker, Meriaux, 't Mannetje, Löwbeer, Trautenau

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