The Rip Van Wrinkler, Volume XVIII, Issue 3, August 2014

©2014 Daniela Kinzel-Beiswanger, "Talking about hydrophobic Basenjis....
this great hot summer Sunday made Ole mutate to a splish-splash-Nessie


.......Noteable Quotables

Brags, Sunshine, Officers & Editors

Contest Winners (Basenjis & Flowers)

New Contest, Recipes

Match Report 1

Match Report 2

RiRi's Big Adventure

RiRi's Big Adventure 2

Uh Oh ~ in Casts 1

©2014 Kamen Marsicano "Fiddle's first popsicle"

In Casts 2

Training Conversation - Luratics/Knock your Socks Off

Training Conversation 2 - Agility, Lure Coursing

Some Mid Year Performance Stats

Raffle Winners

Some Health News


Stuff Stuff Stuff, links to How to Find a Lost Dog

Calendar ~ As The Tail Turns

Jule's says feel free to share if you are a sighthound lover.

Kamen Marsicano, Kinzel-Beiswanger, Petteruti, 't Mannetje,
Schreiber, Ashbey, Butterworth, Stewart, Christensen, Allen,
Sack, Phelps, Dering, Olsson, Fitzsimmons, Maxka, Oskamp Schreuder,
Phillips, Young, Garvey, MacMillan, Culver, Hotaling,
Sauceda, Ghetti, Stone, Gerity, Grewe, Mount, Smith, Jule's.

Dogs in this issue:

Ole, Fiddle, Ibou, Lela, Raven, Bella, Lola, Moyo, Aichia,
Polly, Cindy's dogs in 2003, Rip, Tutu, Zig, Kojak, Robin,
Liner, AJ, Peyton, Benny, Caesar, Ian, Cherry, Laser, Yebo,
Lima, Hip Hop, Harley, Holley, Swanee, Sammy J, Ruby,
Guy Noir, Amelia, Taffy, Ivan, Dasa, Trog, Gina, Kato,
Cellini, Zuri, Willie, Scarlet, Fern, Fawn, Lucy, Batsy,
RiRi, Solomon, Lola, Ch'ami, Annabelle, Missy, Lulu,
Newton, Stella, Goria, Pi, Poet, Occhi, Barb Sauceda's crew,
Arrow, Diva, Regan, Jet, Gunner, Dana, Nirvana, Margot & Pi the cat.

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