The Rip Van Wrinkler, Volume XXI, Issue 1, February 2017

Bell made from a gas cylinder, with image by Andrea Stone


Noteable Quotables

Sunshine, Officers & Editors

In Memoriam

Contest Winners

New Contest, Recipes

House Fire Update

Basenji Snuggles

Basenji Snuggles two

Tiegan and Miles Come to Live with Us
& Seen in Prospect Park

Cellini Fitzsimmons

Training Conversation

Chili's Story

©2014, Susan Kamen Marsicano, "Liner at AK9 dog park, in NH "

Health News


Stuff Stuff Stuff

Calendar, As the Tail Turns

Bell in New Jersey


Kamen Marsicano, Stone, Butterworth, Fitzsimmons,
Christensen, Schell, Grewe, 't Mannetje, Fogarty, McNeill,
Johnson, Klein, Mount, Phillips, Stewart, Nickless, Maxka,
Heinlein, Johnsson, Marsh, Hess, Garvey, McWilliams, Rivers,
Eliott, Osenni, O'Rear, Meriaux, Dering, Allen, Hotaling, Pick
Marshall, Stuart, Roma, Buehler, Hodges, Frosch, Woodard, Armen
Harlan, Bradley, Vicuna, Cerilli, Powers, Lentz, Surfman, Marketa,
Pompen, Shah, Lunetta, Salgado, McCann, Clean Run, Culver.

Dogs & Cats in this issue:

Dogs: Cellini, Liner, Charm, Nic, AJ, Selket, Lola, Moyo, Ch'ami,
Dana, Gilda, Skipper, Zest!, Rip, Tut, Ian, Rose, Valur, Fern, Leena,
Fiddle, Zuri, Bolt, Nike, Zippie, Tempest, Penny, Oboe, Tiger Lily,
Sunny, Tate, Scarlet, Gracie, Fiddler, Regan, Turkish, Zsa Zsa,
Garner Scout, Flynn, Brady, Cherry, Sandy, Nicco, Trill, Pi, Occhi,
Flora, Lily, Penelope, Chili, Nefer, Jacob, Bakari, Peyton, Gunner,
Smeesh, Timmy, Toaster, Niner, M, Harley, Sonny, Tippy, Gloria,
Bella, Dot, Kirk, Sidney, Makina, Guy Noir, Newton, Amelia,
Shakka, Imani, Taggi, Abby, Milkyway, Jeter, Mucha, Cooper,
Tiegan, Miles, Basil, Molly, Zero, Kona, Chloe, Cybele, Benji,
Seeker, Trog, Indy Bing, Harrison, Bodee (boxers & malinois),
Solomon, Gambit, Laser, Raven, Xak, Gus, Digital, Oakley,
Guinness and Stella.

Cats: Al, Pi, Chuck, Margot, Vin, Bananasaurus Rex.

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