The Rip Van Wrinkler,
XIX, Issue 3, August 2015

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Fern in HIE window, playing ghost.
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Feedback. . .

From the Wrinkler, to finalist in the DWAA Writing Competition, to the BCOA cover!

April 22nd, 2015

Hey Susan!

So fun to read your Wrinkler. For me, it is even BETTER online. I love how easy it is to click on a reference and then pop back. Also, in the format you have, I can bookmark a page into my existing bookmark folders exactly where I would want to find it in the future. No more pawing through old issues thinking "Where did I read that?" Super fun, informative and groovy. Just like YOU! :))

Thanks for all you do... you are much appreciated !!!

{Ed. Thanks, Katie!)

Katie Campbell
Taji Basenjis & Ibizan Hounds
Parent Club approved mentor
AKC Judge #94459
West Seattle, WA ~ USA

April 30th, 2015

Thanks for reprinting Debby Mayer's story. I've been there twice; headed there again. With Selket, lending spice to the story, my Nude Joisey story, many times since told, is my next-door neighbor's 4:30 am sighting of me, on a sultry July morning, striding au naturel the length of the back yard to rescue aged, debilitated Selket from the azalea bush she was tangled in. And hence, back to the house.

Since then I'm always at least partly dressed before I let the doggies out.

........................................................................Karen Christensen

July 8th, 2015

How can this be a Damia son??? She hates water, and Benjy will even enjoy a shower!
Henny Mulder's Benjy is VERY "Nautical"...........Annechien Smith

June 4th, 2015

From the Wrinkler to the cover of the Basenji Club of America Bulletin!
Many thanks to my pal, Tamara Allen, who mentors me through things. There was a contest for the Wrinkler, last May, "Basenji Musicians". Tamara said Picasso, & I said Leger, and then I made this. Finalist in the DWAA writing competition. Inside drawing of Loretta-Jo Lunetta's James the Pretender. This was a surprise to me until I received an email asking if it could be used for the cover. How nice! .....S K-M

Jo Lunetta - How nice indeed! James will sing a special song of joy to all. He had a special voice that I am sure are making the Basenji gods smile.


Andrea Stone Super fun, as always. Look first, read second.

I want a cinnamon roll!!

Lisa Stewart Great issue, going to try the recipe

Tamara Allen I wanna Frey Pizza! I think we are all hungry!

Lottie ELizabeth Hotaling Haven't finished reading yet, but was totally captivated by the Shadow/Maddie story.

Donna Hess you made me cry Susan Kamen Marsicano. I am sure I have read Bambi's story before, but it hit home with where I am with Nora right now. She is 13, and showing her age. Every day we have with her is a blessing.

Jackie Krenetz Dering - Great issue. Love Niner with the Yellow Ball!

Lisa Marshall It is lovely! Thank you for remembering our Casey ♡♡♡
Such a beautiful tribute to Loretta too

Susan Kamen Marsicano She was very important to us.

Lisa Marshall and sincere congratulations on the Maxwell Award!

Karen Christensen Thanks for keeping Laser's Toy story. He sure loved that damn thing. I sure loved that dog, miss loving on him.

Tamara Allen I loved Kate, errr Tiffany, I mean Kate's story. Lisa Osenni Mackey is a badass with a big heart.

Dennis Allen It was great reading,,,, as always.

Eunice Ockerman Gotta say, I loved seeing my pix in the Wrinkler.
I'm ready to throw caution aside and take a camera out with me on our trail walks. It's not the dogs pulling me off my feet that keeps the camera at home, but rather I get fixated on a bird or a bloom and trip over a river rock. Of course the dogs don't help.

Lottie ELizabeth Hotaling Always a superb presentation, great content, wonderful photos. You done good, Finnerty.

Heike Föllscher What a great Wrinkler!And thank you so much that you have published photos of Simba and Malia and the two paintings I've made. I'm so proud to see them in the Wrinkler!

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