The Rip Van Wrinkler, Volume XIV, Issue 1, February 2010

© 2009, Rhoda Johnson-Bryne, “Nemo and his Giant Duck”


.........Noteable Quotables  
Karen P. Christensen: Having a basenji is like having a two-year-old who can:
·  run like an Olympic sprinter,
·  leap like a high jumper,
·  dig like an anteater,
·  chew like a car crusher (hide your remote controls and cordless phones, not to mention underwear, shoes, etc),
·  think like a MENSA member, and....... . . . . . .


Contest Winners

New Contest, Recipe

Sound Hound

"Therapy Dogs"

All My Children

Dogs Meet Child, Child Meets Dogs

Basenji ATM Machine


Training Round Robin Conversation

2009 Top Peformance Basenjis

Florida Basenji Rescue Operation


Stuff, Stuff, Stuff, Rabies Challenge

Calendar, As the Tail Turns

Hickory Heart, Susan Kamen Marsicano

Art: Susan Kamen Marsicano, Sahulka, MacMillan, Allen, Maxka,
‘t Mannetje, Stewart, Johnson-Byrne, Jones, Zulu, Pistorio,
Arias, Grewe, Surfman, Ashbey, Fogarty, Stone, Voss, Amiccuci,
Pick, Joslin, Selkin, Mayer, Shah, Wray, Povinelli,

Cover: © 2010, Rhoda Johnson-Bryne, "Nemo and his Giant Duck"

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