The Rip Van Wrinkler, Volume XVI, Issue 3, August 2012

©1987, Uschi Grewe “Lady Swimming”
Lady is Alexia Gordita del Restelberg, born on Febr. 7, 1985, out of Hadshar D' Casa Regina x Apu Taxi.
This was in southwest France, in Saint Martin. She was only going into the water when we where in it.


.........Noteable Quotables
 Tamara E. Allen: R.I.P. Mr. Pillow. Basenji Pillow Fight! Tippy Wins!
Actually, Andiamo started it, we never fully mended it, so Tippy finished it. A “do it now”, kind of girl.

Sunshine, Officers & Editors

In Memoriam

Contest Winners

New Contest, Recipe

Match Report

a. Agility

b. Rally

c. Muscial Sits

d. Musical Downs

e. Breed Judging

f. Best Yodelor, Most Wrinkles, Curliest Tail

g. Ambience

h. Costume Class

Shuttle Pet

Gloria's Story

Training, Racing in the Netherlands

©Naära de Kwant-Tirion

More about dogs riding in crates

Water Dogs, Part 1

Water Dogs, Part 2


Stuff Stuff Stuff

Calendar, Potassium Bromides & Seizures

©2012, Lisa Osenni Mackey “Fiddle as Fern” See Costumes

Kamen Marsicano, Grewe, Mannetje, Stewart, Steiger, Pistorio, Culver,
 Allen, Stone, Dietz, Osenni, Sahulka, Fitzsimmons,
 Phillips, Hess, Donaldson, Kwant-Tirio, Schecter, Marshall,
Silver, Squires, Van de Lest, Maxka, Olsson,
Christensen, Ammerlaan, Gustafusson, Engelmoer,
Oskamp-Schröder, Secunda, Harlan, de Graaf, Lombardi,
MacMillan, Mayer, Friebertova, Joslin, Callahan,
Sudsangiam, Chodock, Liemback, Licha.

©1987, Uschi Grewe “Lady Swimming”

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