The Rip Van Wrinkler, Volume XVII, Issue 2, May 2013

©2003, Susan Kamen Marsicano “Trill (FC Apu Must Be the Money SC) chose to sit like a merchant seaman, back to wall”


.......Noteable Quotables

Brags, Sunshine, Officers & Editors

Newest Additions

CONTEST WINNERS (how/why I got my first basenji)
a. Dennis Allen
b. Karen Christensen
c. Uschi Grewe
d. S K-M
e. Yvonne 't Manntje
f. Lisa Marshall
g. Tamara E. Allen
f. Donna Hess

New Contest, Recipe (Scones)

Club News, Brunch Report

June 23rd Match Flyer

UCDavis - Parting from Wolves

Solomon Story & Cody is My Hero

Lotta Olsson, " I gave Holley a chair to sit on so she has a better view of the chicken".

On 2 Legs

Training Roundtable

Riptides & Solaces Unforseen

Basenji PRA test announced

Dr. Dodds on Heartworm


NEW RAFFLE!, Stuff Stuff Stuff

Calendar, As the Tail Turns

Solomon, by Indigo Glover

Kamen Marsicano, Christensen, Indigo Glover, Culver,
 Stewart, Herhoffer, Dering, Osenni-Mackey, Hotaling
Allen, Fitzsimmons, 't Mannetje, Cummins, Marshall,
Hess, Voss, Shah, Maxka, Joslin, Frosch, Olsson,
Grewe, Stone, Pistorio, Raskin, Pistorio, Mayer,
Schulz, Johnsson, Van De Lest, Hemopet.

©2013, Susan Kamen Marsicano “Stripy Deer?”

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