The Rip Van Wrinkler, Volume XXV, Issue 4, November 2021

©2021, Kamen-Marsicano - Kitchen Window, or let us in.


Noteable Quotables

Sunshine, Officers & Editors

In Memoriam

Contest Winners (climbers)

New Contest, Recipes

Santa Paws

©2008, Mary Bloom - Fern and Scarlet Tangle.
This photo was used as a cover for the BCOA Roster several years ago.

©Kamen-Marsicano, 2017 - Amelia with Frey.


Kamen Marsicano, Leer, Pataky, Grønli, Peštová,
Mayer, Phillps, Dering, Grewe, Stewart, Allen,
Meriaux, DePetri, Clark, Melia, JCdogphoto,
Butterworth, Ng, Hodges, Wi, Lorin, Maxka, Stone,
Hocker, Matucchio, Kasper, 't Mannetje, Osenni,
Schulz, Lue, Tse, Lowbeer, O'Rear, Waldgeister,
MacMillan, Fugzu, Mulloy, K-State, Zulu, Lunetta,
Kürsten, Woodard, Cole, Vavra, Page Eliot.

Dogs & Cats in this issue:


Turkish, Nzangi, Zarity, Sizzle, Harley,
Lela, AJ, Leaf, Goldie, Trog, Tippy,
Oakley, Teagan, Ivy, Thena, Alita, Zippie,
Zuko, Oognah, Trace, Tutu, Xander, Tank,
Zepar, Scarlet, Niner, Stella, Luke, M,
Ian, Fern, Amelia, Trill, Liner, Phaser,
Gage, Fiddle, Gilda, Sandy, Occhi,
Fender, Ellie, Sharky & his brother, Rip,
Stuart Little, True, Hip Hop, Flash,
Frolic, Osa, Dana, Ch'Ami, Tycho,
Solis, Kodji, Mellie, Swagger, Ole,
Selket, Mila, Kevin, Lucky (+ pals), Ivan,
Guy Noir, Jimmy, Cricket, Obike, Maddie,
Bolt, Don, Kona, Moyo, Stone, Parkkur.

Cats: Pi, Little, Sweetness.

Horses: Whim

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