The Rip Van Wrinkler, Volume XIX, Issue 1, February 2015

©2015 't Mannetje - "WHY don't you take us with you?"


Noteable Quotables

Brags, Sunshine, Officers & Editors

In Memoriam

Contest Winners (Perfect Mascara)

New Contest, Recipes

Santa Paws' gifts received!

CRATES, PLEASE, in vehicles

Bookends 1

Bookends 2

This is HUGE!

Training Conversation - 2014 Agility Invitational

Top AKC Agility Basenjis

Top Racing Basenjis

Top Lure Coursing Basenjis

Rally & Obedience Top Breed Basenjis

Some Health News


Stuff Stuff Stuff, new book by Dr. Dodds

Calendar ~ As The Tail Turns

© 2014 Bianca Green. Je suis Charlie.


Kamen Marsicano, 't Mannetje, Green, Pistorio, Grewe,
Culver, Stewart, Olsson, Schulz, Herhoffer,
Schreuder, Allen, Schreider, DeMayo, Meriaux,
Byrne, Sauceda, Therian, Sahulka, Thompson,
Grewe, Heinlein, Benson, Katzan, Claggett,
Gregory, Powers, Lentz, Pompen, Marshall, Cook,
Ashbey, Dering, Johnsson, MacMillan, Christensen,
Voyek, Butterworth, Bloom, Pick, Leborn, Zulu,
Callahan, Mount, Agility Machmutts, Tulp.

Dogs (+) in this issue:

Dana, Moyo, Raven, Newton, Tippy, Stella, Gloria,
Kunjo, Dirkje, Yebo, Sky, Holley, Maddie, Kinder, Rip,
Regan pupcakes, Fiddle, Scarlet, Oakley, Peyton,
Fern, Sophie D., Tutu, Masi, Crash, Lily, Dawn,Moon,
Amisi, M, Elahi, Antari, Lady, Shakka, Laser,
Hip Hop, Liner, Guy Noir, Huck, Tiger Lily,
RiRi, Sophie M., Taz, Regan, India, Lela,
Zuri, Amelia, Occhi, Sandy, Batsy, Ian, Nike,
Rocky, AJ, Tempest, Gambit, Arrow, Miranda,
Kojak, Danablu, Luke, Jacob, Vin, Pi the cat,
Nemo, Nicky, Eddie, Willie, Sara, Leena,
Seorus, Harley, Ivan, Dasa, Borzois, Xander,
Frisco, Fawn, Ida, Cheat, Cosmo, Cody,
Cubby, Bonnie, Nellie, Valur, Pique, Lincoln,
Fable, and Ch'ami.

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