The Rip Van Wrinkler, Volume XXI, Issue 2, May 2017

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Painted for Queen Victoria
Thomas Musgrove Joy (1812-66)
Three Dogs: An Eskimo Dog, A Basenji from the Niger and Nelson, a Poodle  Signed and dated 1843
Oil on canvas | RCIN 406602

An Eskimo dog had been given to Queen Victoria in 1843 by Captain Wemyss.
In the list of dogs in Home Park Kennels, Windsor, in 1844 is Niger, an African dog brought back from the Niger expedition in 1842.
A dog called Nelson is also entered, but as a Newfoundland, rather than a poodle. Signed and dated: T. M. Joy. 1843


Kamen Marsicano, Schulz, Butterworth, Stewart,
Marshall, Dering, Grewe, Musgrove, Vicuna,
Cook, Maxka, Phillips, Meriaux, McNeill, Buehler,
Roma, Rivers, Ewing, Culver, Donaldson, Ghetti,
Gruttadauria, Osenni, Allen, Olsson, Patterson, Bloom,
Ashbey, Gerity, Woodard, Christensen, Kamen,
Stone, 't Mannetje, ZULU, Clean Run, Telley, Fogarty.

Dogs & Cats in this issue:


Fern, Bolt, Aubrey, Rusty, Miranda, AJ, Obike,
Luke, Harley, Cubby, Sky, Niner, Fender,
Tutu, Scarlet, Rikki, Chui, Fiddle, Tempest,
Nike, Zippie!, Oakley, Zest!, Devon, Wizzard,
Turkish, Regan, Guy Noir, Gilda, Cairo, Amelia,
Ian, Penelope, Lulu, M, Donald Sansabark, Liner,
Newton, Tippy, Milly, Stella, Marq, Sandy, Holley,
Imani, Kunjo, Trill, Ida, Cheat, Laser, Occhi,
Lani, Lilli, Clo Clo, Ko Ko Nut, Poet, Blush,
Samson, Rose, Chunk, Tutsi, Ed.

Cats: Pi, FB cat (identity unknown)
Parrot: Gulliver

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