The Rip Van Wrinkler, Volume XXIII, Issue 4, November 2019

©2019, Kamen Marsicano, Warm Stove with the young and the old.


Noteable Quotables

Sunshine, Officers & Editors

Contest Winners (like a movie star)

New Contest, Recipes


Training Conversation

©Rebecca Therian, 2019

Are you Ready for a Basenji?

Santa Paws Gift Exchange

Feedback (Maddie Chronicles)

Stuff Stuff Stuff

Calendar, As the Tail Turns

©Susan Kamen Marsicano, 2012


Kamen Marsicano, Culver, Mayer, Lorin, Dering,
O'Rear, Ghetti, Allen, McNeill, Osenni, Anderson,
Therian, Butterworth, Olsson, Stewart, Young,
Beckerman, Stone, Ashbey, Nutting, Bonacarti,
JC Photo, Phillips, Hodges, Meriaux, Schreiber,
Grewe, Katzen, Bromberg, MacMillan, Johnsson,
Maxka, Armen, Rivers, Rosen, Chuvala, Panos,
Grønli, Hogan, Bennett.

Dogs & Cats in this issue:


Ivy, Jasper, Goldie, Sizzle, Scarlet, Gilda, Ivan,
Harley, Tippy, Swagger, Devon, Phaser, Gage, Teagan,
Luke, Fern, Hio, Bolt, Tempest, Kricket, Vinny, Django,
Bella, Occhi, Sandy, Trill, Gambit, Gage, Rip, Leaf,
Liner, Tank! Zippie, Captain, Nike, Aeden, Katie,
AJ, Gloria, Trace, Zuko, Zevon, Sharky, M, Imani,
Lela, Zenny, Lucky, Kevlar, Wilson, Ollie, Penelope,
Robin, Kipawa, Regan, Baxter, Cybele, Amelia,
Swagger, Stella, Arcade, Chapter, James, Sophie,
Polly, Maddie, Calliope, Mila, Cubby, Scruffy,
Kato, Odette, Swann, Cherry, Figo, Kunjo, Flash.

Cats: Pi, Little.

Horses: Whim.

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